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Paulownia Clear Trim is the Ultra light trim option


96% Fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Fewer VOCs released during manufacturing process than traditional wood submersion treatment methods.

Water Based Solution safe to handle compared to much harsher, solvent based treatments.

Clear Trim is made from Paulownia, a native fast-growing soft hardwood of Asia. 

Factory Primed

on all six sides with one or two quality coats on 100% oil acrylic primer and or 100% latex primer as requested, ready to paint.All Natural Wood is much easier to work with compared to other composite, engineered, fiber cement, or PVC materials. Carefully Kiln Dried to Provide Maximum Stability for impeccable finished installation results.Saw Cuts & Nail/Drill Holes do not require to be resealed with a wood preservative during installation.

A Guide to Painting, Staining, and Storing Clear Trim products

​Storage And Care

Upon receiving the product to your yard, remove wrap or place under covered space where extreme weather elements will not interfere with the product.

Like all wood, this product needs to be under shelter and remain dry to prevent mold.

Do not leave wood product exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Recommended Painting and Staining Process

For exterior use applications, apply primer and caulking to all end cuts before painting.Reversible, both sides are applicable.When using a spray application, more than two coats might need to be applied due to the consistency of the paint.Paint Clear Trim shortly after installation to ensure quality of the wood product.Use an acrylic latex or oil based paint. Follow directions from paint supplier regarding painting on wood.After painting any wood, allow 30 days to cure. To cure properly, avoid painting in humid or windy conditions and allow curing time while temperatures are over 45 degrees.

Smooth Side Application

Before painting or staining, dust off the wood with a damp cloth or use a mild water-based emulsion or alkaline solvent.
Use a light sand paper of 240 grid or less to roughen up surface to allow paint or stain to adhere better.
Apply at least two coats of paint. A paint with a minimum of 2.5 mills dry should be used in the application process.

Rough Side Application

Like any pre-primed wood, 3 of the 6 sides are more saturated in primer than the others. We recommend having another coat of primer on the rough side done by the factory or at site immediately.

Priming this product before putting a top coat is recommended. Top coats should be a minimum of 2.5 mills dry or 6 mills wet.

If any wood product is left in a wrap, in the shade, out in extreme weather conditions, or just remain wet, mold might occur. Protect yourself and follow guidelines.

If mold is present which is rare, use a solution of bleach and water with a fine brush and gently scrub area. Let dry and repeat primer stage of the process.

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