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I understand why you have this question, Paulownia Wood is seen as a kind of soft wood lumber , however people usually see their physical weight but ignoring the natural super characteristics , in fact :


Tests by the University of Southern Queensland of Western Red Cedar and Paulownia showed that Paulownia had better compression and shear qualities.  When this is coupled with the comparative density at 11% moisture of 275Kg/m3 for Paulownia and 450Kg/m3 for Western Red Cedar: Paulownia lighter but stronger, so the result is when put into the weather , paulownia is much more durable!


We need to see the paulownia wood’s cell structure , when the paulownia wood is dried , the wood cell becomes totally closed structure , just like some crowd of people are hands with hands together to fight their enemy (water, strength …) , thus Paulownia is much more dimentionally stable in structure ---this results the paulownia is better when presenting into the weather ! No warping , No splitting …


About the Paulownia’s working properties: Gluing of Paulownia Wood :

Gluing - Paulownia has been tested with five different brands of PVA, Cross-linked PVA and Urea Formaldehyde adhesives. Samples were prepared with each type of adhesive and Standard Separation tests conducted. Manufacturers recommendations were observed for each adhesive. 100% of the tested samples passed i.e. they did not separate along the glue line. AlI gave excellent results with minimal clamping time. Comparative tests between Paulownia and other hardwoods all showed the superiority of Paulownia timber with respect to fast cure time and uniform glue time. In all cases, using PVA adhesives on Paulownia halved the average time required for clamping. The time and cost saving in a board jointing production run is obvious.

---That is to say , Paulownia’s gluing working property is super !


I noted your address in OHIO , we are selling a lot there ! probably what you seen the paulownia trim boards are made from our company :D ! we are using bi-component exterior water-proof glue ! to be used in the exterior environment has none problem !


It is same important if the manufacturer is using water-proof painting for the trim boards also ! we are making with exterior water-proof painting , with good adhesiving to the paulownia wood , which makes the paulownia trim boards very much suitable to the weather !

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All in all, Paulownia trim boards are very much good when they are holding up to weather !

I see you claim it is naturally insect unfriendly and not susceptible to decay.  That seems to be in direct contradiction.

I need to be clear :  Paulownia is naturally friendly to the Nature ! and the reason why we say Paulownia is naturally insects-unfriendly is because : experiments statistics from USA, Australia and China paulownia  or forestry research centers shows: Paulownia wood has a lot of tanin Acid in it , the Tanin Acid is very much bitter in tastes , that is why the insects does not like to bite paulownia ! so if Paulownia wood is put together with other kinds of wood species, the insects prefers to eat other wood than Paulownia wood because the Paulownia wood is too bitter for them !
However , if only put Paulownia with Paulownia wood together , the insects will not choose to starve to death if they have a bad “food” , so they will also bite Paulownia .

For the question why Paulownia wood is resistant to decay – again back to the wood cell’s structure : when the wood is dry , the wood cells become totally closed structure , that will have direct protection to themselves from decaying. 
Hope I am understood by you , if any questions, pls don’t hestiate to contact with me at any time ! 

Clear Trim is made from Paulownia, a native fast-growing soft hardwood of Asia. 

Paulownia Clear Trim is the Ultra light trim option

Factory Primed

on all six sides with one or two quality coats on 100% oil acrylic primer and or 100% latex primer as requested, ready to paint.All Natural Wood is much easier to work with compared to other composite, engineered, fiber cement, or PVC materials. Carefully Kiln Dried to Provide Maximum Stability for impeccable finished installation results.Saw Cuts & Nail/Drill Holes do not require to be resealed with a wood preservative during installation.


96% Fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Fewer VOCs released during manufacturing process than traditional wood submersion treatment methods.

Water Based Solution safe to handle compared to much harsher, solvent based treatments.

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