96% Fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Fewer VOCs released during manufacturing process than traditional wood submersion treatment methods.

Water Based Solution safe to handle compared to much harsher, solvent based treatments.

Paulownia Clear Trim is the Ultra light trim option

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Factory Primed

on all six sides with one or two quality coats on 100% oil acrylic primer and or 100% latex primer as requested, ready to paint.All Natural Wood is much easier to work with compared to other composite, engineered, fiber cement, or PVC materials. Carefully Kiln Dried to Provide Maximum Stability for impeccable finished installation results.Saw Cuts & Nail/Drill Holes do not require to be resealed with a wood preservative during installation.
Protects Your Greatest Investment – Your Home.

About Us

Clear Trim wood products have many benefits including naturally rot, decay and insect resistant. It has one of the lowest thermal conductivity values of any wood; therefore, Clear Trim has a high insulation property which contributes to low shrinkage in use and resistance to fire. The wood dries rapidly and does not easily warp, cup, end check, splinter or split.

Paulownia is a fast‐growing soft hardwood native to Asia and plantation‐grown around the world from China to Australia to Latin America and the USA.Like all of Hezen Xinglin Wood Industry line of primed trim boards, our Paulownia is primed with a one or two‐coat part process. An oil primer forms the base for a bright white acrylic latex prime coat. The finished board is exceptionally smooth and even, with two usable faces.Read on to learn why Paulownia’s characteristics are perfect for fingerjoined primed trim.

Paulownia is renowned for its workability and its freedom from checking, cracking, and splitting, making it an ideal wood for fingerjoining.

With no measurable tannins, pitch, or resin, potential for extractive bleeding is limited, and there’s no raised grain, making Paulownia a good substrate for priming.

The wood remains stable in humidity and experiences little shrinkage or expansion compared to other species.

Combined with its natural resistance to rot (in non‐ground contact conditions) and even termites, this makes it ideal for exterior trim and cladding, while also being perfectly suitable for interior use.

Clear Trim is made from Paulownia, a native fast-growing soft hardwood of Asia. 

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